Volume 10

Volume 10 | Oil-Industry History

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Volume 10, Number 1, 2009

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Editorial And Meeting Report – Titusville, Pennsylvania , William R. Brice, Editor

Edwin L. Drake (1819-1880); His Life And Legacy , William R. Brice

Postage Stamp Attempt — Unsuccessful, Jeff Spencer

Teamsters And Oil Scouts: Two Valuable (But Short-Lived) Occupations In The Early Days Of Pennsylvania Oil , Paul Adomites

The 1906 Kane Gas Well – Mckean County Pennsylvania , Jeff A. Spencer

Petroleum Pioneers Of Pittsburgh , Alfred N. Mann

Oil Under Canvas , Denis Stonham

The First Reports Of Oil In Oklahoma , Raymond P. Sorenson

A Crude Lesson, Kathy J. Flaherty

The Dawning Of Geophysical Exploration , Tom K. Fulton And Haynie Stringer

Stratigraphy And The Cartoonist Of 1865 , Mark Aldrich And Michele Aldrich

Drake Well 150th Anniversary – Commemorative Painting, Jack Hanzer

The Petroleum Industry In Trade Cards, Trading Cards, And Comic Books , Jeff A. Spencer

Was Colonel Drake A Hero?, Kathy J. Flaherty

Geology And Oil Exploration – The Studies Of Giovanni Capellini In Romania , Francesco Gerali

Yankee Doodle Drake, Kathy J. Flaherty

Recollections – Portable Seismic Begins – A Life In The Field , Jon R. Horton

Hello Wanda – How Oil Journalist Wanda Jablonski Was The Matchmaker That Made OPEC , Herman K. Trabish

Impact Of The Late Nineteenth Century Gas Boom On Delaware County, Indiana , Constantina Lyla Spath

Abstracts — 2009 International Symposium, Titusville, Pennsylvania

Petroleum History Institute 2009 Awards

In Memoriam

Meeting Information — 2010 Oil Symposium & Field Trip April 29th – May 1st – Lafayette, Louisiana

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