Volume 12

Volume 12 | Oil-Industry History

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Volume 12, Number 1, 2011

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Editorial and Meeting Report – Marietta, Ohio, June 23-25, 2011, William R. Brice, Editor

Ebenezer Baldwin Andrews (1821-1880) – Pioneer Oil Geologist, William R. Brice

Oilfield Photographers – Three Who Captured North American Oil Booms: Frank Robbins, Frank Trost, and Jack Nolan, Jeff A. Spencer

The First Reports of Oil in Oklahoma: Addendum, Raymond P. Sorenson

Counting the Waste: The Lenzner Report on Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Ross Coen

Petrolia, California’s First Oil Field — A Century of Disappointment, K. R. Aalto

Errata: Volume 11, No. 1, 2010

The Role of Geological Survey Technology and Geological Models in the Geographic Dispersion of Prospective Drilling Locations in Brazil, From 1922 To 2010, Felipe Accioly Vieira And Julia Draghi

Scientific Maturation and Production Modernization; Notes on the Italian Oil Industry in The XIXth Century, Francesco Gerali

The Role of Azerbaijan in The World’s Oil Industry, Mir-Babayev Mir-Yusif

Oilfield Journal

Drake Monument Rededication Follow Its Restoration, Marilyn Black

The First Frackers – Shooting Oil Wells with Nitroglycerin Torpedoes, Paul Adomites

The Oil City Oil Exchange, Setting the Price of Crude, Neil Mcelwee

Petroleum Pioneers of Pittsburgh – The Origins of Gulf Oil, Alfred N. Mann

150 Years of Producing Oil – Mcclintock Well Number 1 (1861-2011), William R. Brice And Marilyn Black

Historical Markers Subsidized by The Petroleum History Institute, Marilyn Black

Abstracts — 2011 International Symposium, Marietta , Ohio

Petroleum History Institute 2011 Awards

Book Reviews

Bibliography Of History Of Petroleum, 2010-2011, Rasoul Sorkhabi, William Brice, And Jonathan Craig

Memorial – Thomas D. Barrow (1924-2011)

Gerald M. Friedman: 1921–2011 — A Singular Life, Kennard B. Bork

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