Volume 2

Volume 2 | Oil-Industry History

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Volume 2, Number 1, 2001

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A History of Oil Production in California, Kenneth P. Henderson

Post-World War I Overproduction and Crude Oil Loss, Cardo-Pine Island Field Louisiana, Mary L Barrett

Lessons From History, Merian W. Downey

American Petroleum Institute Project 43 and the Origin of Modern Petroleum Microbiology, Harry M. Edenborn

History and Geology of the Gient Elk-Poca (Sissionville) Gas Field, Western West Virginia, Douglas G. Patchen

Historical Perspective on a Preliminary Report of the Geology of the Cardium Formation (Cretaceous) At Permbina, Alberta, Canada, One of the Most Significant Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in North America, Gerald M Friedman

The Stimulation of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs with Subsurface Nuclear Explosions, John C. Lorenz

Oil or Money Refunded: Boom and Bust in the Boulder Oil Field, Colorado, 1902-2001, Matthew R. Silverman

Geologic Perceptions Regarding Oil Prospects and Future Growth and Development of California in the Post-Gold Rush Era, Stephen M. Testa

Symposium Abstracts: History of Petroleum Reservoirs



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