Volume 8

Volume 8 | Oil-Industry History

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Volume 8, Number 1, 2007

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Editorial And Meeting Report, William R. Brice

The History Of Oil Along The Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone – Los Angeles County, California, Stephen M. Testa

Urban Encroachment Associated with Bakersfield Oilfields, Tom Giallonardo

History Of Oil Exploration In The Palos Verdes Hills – Los Angeles County, California, Arthur R. (Dick) Brown and John F. Schwiebert

The 1906 Caney Gas Well Fire, Kansas, Jeff A. Spencer and Andy Taylor

The Lakeview Gusher In Vintage Postcards, Jeff A. Spencer

Drilling The Munchausen Well: Humor And The Oil Industry, Jennifer Ambrose and William R. Brice

The Thorla-McKee Salt Works And Oil Wells And The Macksburg, Ohio Oil Booms, Jeff A. Spencer and Judy Robinson

Oil In Their Blood – The Story of Our Addiction (Excerpts from the Novel), Herman K. Trabish

View From A Honeymoon Cottage, Kathy J. Flaherty

Restoration Of A Franklin 25 Hp Valveless Engine, Scott Van Diepenbos

Joseph P. Reid – Natural Gas Engines, Ellsworth (Pete) Sparks

In Memoriam – James D. Berry, III (1937-2007)

Abstracts – Long Beach, CA – Symposium April 20-23, 2006

Petroleum History Institute Awards – 2007

Report of a meeting on The History of On-Shore Hydrocarbon Use in the UK (or From Oil Shales and Seeps to ‘Shaleopolis’ and 100 Roughnecks!) 21 April 2007; Weymouth, England, UK, Anne O’Connor

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